Selling Your House Without A Realtor in Calgary

Selling Your House Without A Realtor in Calgary

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Selling Your House Without A Realtor in Calgary

When thinking about selling your house without a realtor in Calgary, you need to know that you have other options. Listing your home on the MLS is not the only way to sell your house. More and more people are learning how to sell their home’s direct to CA Homes without an agent, which in turn, saves time and commissions. Having your house sit on the market, without any signs of a buyer can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Read on about how it works:

Selling Your House Without A Realtor in Calgary

What Are The Benefits To Selling Without A Realtor in Calgary?

There are numerous benefits to eliminating the middle man. One of the biggest benefits is saving money on commissions. To be frank, houses don’t always sell when they are listed on the MLS. A lot of time and money can be lost while the house sits on the market. However, there are things you can do to avoid wasting your time with a property you want to sell.

More and more sellers are working with CA Homes to quickly and easily sell their homes. When you work CA Homes you can rest assured you will be treated with honesty and fairness. The process of selling is typically pretty simple. We will make you an offer, you decide if it’s right for you, and that’s it! When you work with CA Homes, you won’t have to worry about any hassle or pressure to sell.

Selling Your House Without A Realtor in Calgary is super easy these days because CA Homes is here for you. You are in control and can close on the day that is the most convenient for you. With a direct sale, you will have a guaranteed sale date and price from the very beginning. This kind of peace-of-mind cannot be found when listing a home.

The Cost

Selling directly to a CA Homes never costs you any fees or commissions. CA Homes will buy your house as-is. You won’t have to spend money making repairs, cleaning up, upgrading the home, paying an agent, photographer or home stager. In addition, you will save money on carrying costs such as mortgage, utilities, insurance, and property taxes.

The Time

The process is much faster than a traditional sale. If you choose to sell to CA Homes, we will be able to close on the house in just a matter of days, as opposed to a traditional sale which can take months. Ultimately you get to choose what date works for you. You will have your closing date and the amount you are walking away with from the very beginning. Knowing this information will allow you to plan ahead for your move and future.

The Effort

With a direct sale to CA Homes, there is little to no effort needed on your part. We handle all of the details and provide a smooth transaction for you. You will not need to clean up the house for photos or property showings. We buy your house as-is, so there aren’t any repairs required. If the house is run-down and outdated, you will not need to spend any time making improvements. Selling Your House Without A Realtor in Calgary doesn’t get much easier than this!

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