Guaranteed SOLD Program In Calgary

Guaranteed SOLD Program In Calgary

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Guaranteed SOLD Program In Calgary

Guaranteed SOLD Program In CalgaryThinking about selling your house in Calgary? For years we have been offering our Guaranteed SOLD program in Calgary. Selling your house directly to us via this Guaranteed SOLD program is fast and easy. In our latest post, we will discuss the many ways our Guaranteed SOLD can benefit you and how it works.

Many people think that in order to successfully sell their home, they need to hire an agent, fix up the house, list up the property and wait. However, this is not the only way to sell a house. There is a much simpler way to sell and that involves working witH CA Homes and using our Guaranteed SOLD program. We will write a cash offer for your house and buy it. That’s it – super simple.


Here are the reasons why our Guaranteed SOLD program in Calgary is your best solution:

#1 Save Money On Repairs

Using our Guaranteed SOLD program, you won’t have to spend a dime making repairs to the house. When you list your property, time and money are spent preparing the house for the market. You can avoid these costs by selling your house to us as-is!

#2 No Commissions or Agent Fees

In addition to saving money making repairs, you will also pay ZERO commissions and fees. Whenever change any fees of any kind period.

#3 End Financial Obligations

By selling to CA Homes, you can sell your house within a few days. This means you are no longer responsible to the property taxes, insurance, utilities, mortgage payments or any other monthly maintenance costs. Every day that you hold on to a house it is costing you money. By selling now, instead of months down the road, you will end the stress and headache.

#4 No Waiting

When you list your house you are essentially gambling and hoping a buyer will come along to pay the price you want. There are no guarantees. The process could take weeks or months wondering what will happen next. When you use our Guaranteed SOLD program, you will know the closing date and the final sale price immediately.

#5 You Pick The Closing Date

Whether you want to close in days or weeks, we will make it happen. We leave the closing date completely up to you so you can move and sell at your convenience. Some people are ready to sell in 7 days, while others need a bit more time to sort everything out. We never put any pressure on you to move. We want to help make this transition as easy as possible for you.

#7 You Don’t Have To Worry About The Sale Falling Through

We are direct cash buyers. Using our Guaranteed SOLD program, this means the sale is not depending on any financing from a bank! Other buyers will have a financing condition and can always collapse especially when banks are making mortgages more difficult to obtain. When you work with us the offer is solid!

CA HOMES is seriously interested in buying your Calgary house. Using our Guaranteed SOLD program, there is never any obligation or hassle when you receive an offer. It is the solution you have been waiting for!

Do you need to sell a property in Calgary Fast? We can help!

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