Foreclosure Lawyers in Calgary

Foreclosure Lawyers in Calgary

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Foreclosure Lawyers Calgary

We always get asked, what is the list of foreclosure lawyers in Calgary? The following list of foreclosure lawyers can be hired. Of course we dont recommend you hire a lawyer as it is very costly and there is little chance they can do more than CA Homes.

However if Foreclosure Lawyers Calgaryyou have money to spend and really want to hire a lawyer to represent you then try these firms out:

Fric Lowenstein
1925 18 Avenue NE, Suite 420, Calgary, AB, T2E 7T8
Phone: 403-291-2594

Kahane Law Offices
7309 Flint Rd. SE, Calgary AB T2H1G3
(403) 225-8810


Masuch Law LLP – Calgary Office
125 – 8838 Blackfoot Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 3J1
(403) 543-1100

Hendrix Law
#500, 707 – 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 3H6
403) 269-9400

McLeod Law LLP
300, 14505 Bannister Road SE
Calgary, AB, T2X 3J3

Gowlings Law
1600, 421 7th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 4K9

Vinci Philips
1509 26 Ave SW,
Calgary, AB T2T 1C4
Phone: (403)265-4323

Ridout Barron
1827 14th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2T 3T1
Phone: 587-315-8454

Lintott Law
2913 Centre St N.W.
Calgary, AB T2E 2V9
Phone: 403-879-1613

Leclair Thibault
106, 2411 – 4th Street NorthWest
Calgary,AB T2M 2Z8
Phone: 403-245-3500

When Foreclosure Lawyers in Calgary Act for a Borrower

While foreclosure lawyers in Calgary cannot always help, here are somethings they can do:

  • File paperwork to receive proper notice of any foreclosure.
  • Delay the redemption period.
  • Help people understand their rights once they have defaulted on their mortgage.
  • Negotiate the amount owed when there is dispute.
  • Negotiate the terms of repayment of arrears so that a borrower can remain in their home and bring their mortgage current.
  • Negotiate with CHMC or Genworth when a borrower is sued for a deficiency judgment.

Retaining Foreclosure Lawyers in Calgary

Be prepared to have at least $2500.00 to hire a lawyer to work on your foreclosure case.

Other Options

CA HOMES is very interested in helping you with your foreclosure. There is never any obligation or cost when you receive a consultation with us. Learn more about the process by downloading our free report or CALL our offices at 403-283-6777

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